Many businesses find that being associated with a specific program or programs is the most beneficial way of reaching potential customers - similar to having a favorite team to root for.  WWIC Radio is more than just wall-to-wall, back-to-back music, mostly used as background noise.  Your association with a specific program means that listeners are hearing your message!  They associate the sponsor messages as being part of that program and listen to them as they are aired.

"The Partyline" Show has been on the air in Scottsboro/Jackson County since 1955 and remains the most popular and listened to show in this county.  The program is a "classifieds" type show and airs every Monday through Saturday from 8:15am-9:00am.  WWIC's music programming is "Traditional Country", a very popular programming staple of the station.

WWIC 1050 Radio is Scottsboro's "OFFICIAL" sports station for the Scottsboro Wildcats - featuring coverage of Scottsboro High School football, basketball, baseball and softball.

Our remaining sports menu includes the very popular Paul Finebaum Show from ESPN Radio, the Auburn Tigers Sports Network, the Atlanta Braves, the Tennessee Titans, NCAA football and basketball, NFL football and more.