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​November 30, 2022

Today, we can finally spill the beans on the best kept secret in my 62-plus years of life.  The secret is a project that started for us some 6-plus months ago.  Other than me, Angie, Hannah and a handful of people knew of this project and kept it secret on their end.  I am appreciative of them doing so.  Their loyalty and trust to me and the station means more than they know.  The FCC has approved our application for purchasing and relocating an FM frequency for WWIC Radio.  We are not abandoning our AM frequency or our online audio platforms but we are very excited to announce this expansion of WWIC Radio.  The AM frequency is very special to me because it was the FIRST radio frequency licensed to Scottsboro and Jackson County.  Those that have ever dealt with an agency of the federal government, which the FCC is, knows how slow, frustrating and sometimes expensive projects such as this are.  This has not been nor will be an overnight process.  There are still things that have to be done to get the FM frequency operational and we are working toward that process.  As a good friend recently told me, this opens up many new doors for WWIC Radio as it pertains to programming opportunities and audience reach.  We will approach each new door with excitement and enthusiasm.  That is all for now, more information to come as the process moves along.Type your paragraph here.