For Sale Items

Flowers  256-609-1986

Generator, Air compressor, Fishing reels, Ammo  256-687-0451

Dresser with mirror, bed, sockets, toolbox, Flooring  256-599-3617

1960 Ford truck, 1996 Silverado, Van, Bird cage, Utility trailer, House


Pet crate, bikes, picnic table, push mower  256-599-0147

Vacuum, Motorcycle jack  256-244-4193

Bedroom suit, Purse, Glasses, Exterior doors, Heater, Lamps  


Ladder rack, sickle mower, tires, karaoke machine, men's shoes,

sewing machine  256-608-9304

​Western paperback books  256-242-4328

Want to Buy Items

Chickens, goat, rabbits  256-244-3655

Scrap metal items  256-599-6927

Lawn mower seat  256-735-3123

Plastic barrel with lid  256-912-0937

Tractor with front-end loader  256-244-4193

Riding tractor for a child  256-605-0669

Partyline List for 6/7/2021