Partyline List for 8/5/2020


​​​​​​​For Sale Items

Camper, Tires, 2001 Dodge truck, 1998 Ford truck, 2007 Honda van,

Wheelchair, Bucket seats  256-259-5245

Hunting equipment  256-574-3434

Love Seat, Cotton masks  256-599-5873

Motor, Transmission, Boat  256-609-7074

Ladder  205-281-0836

Saddle  256-609-1819

Refrigerator, Mower, Camper  256-599-6997

Men's name brand shirts  256-599-8360

China cabinet  256-609-5703

Peppers, Van, Truck, Stereos  256-244-0937

Tractor  256-609-1819

Tractor tires  256-608-9304

Tent, Sleeping bags  256-609-0766

Motor home  256-218-0635

Finishing mowers, Tractor, Chevrolet truck  256-605-4331

Mobile home, Camper  256-647-1034, 256-609-0606

Tool cabinet, Skill saw, Fencing, Antique sewing machine  256-599-0887

Want to Buy Items

House or mobile home in Woodville area  256-293-1837

Posts  256-259-5245

Top soil, 4WD mower  256-608-0112

Used car  256-609-7074

Top-post battery  256-608-9304

Metal carport, Chain link fencing, Ditch tile  256-647-1034, 256-609-0606

  If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.

  Happy moments, praise God.

  Difficult moments, seek God.

  Quiet moments, worship God.

  Painful moments, trust God.

  ​Every moment, THANK GOD!