If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.

  Happy moments, praise God.

  Difficult moments, seek God.

  Quiet moments, worship God.

  Painful moments, trust God.

  ​Every moment, THANK GOD!

Partyline List for 1/22/2020


​​​​​​​For Sale Items

Boat trailer, Bike, Box fans, Shotgun  256-599-0147

Amp stand, Guitar cords, Guitar strings  256-587-6266

Four wheeler  256-520-0658

Tires and wheels  256-805-0090

Chifferobes, TV  256-609-9631

Love Seat, Sofa-bed  256-244-1635

Ladies jacket, Cover-Alls  256-244-2694

House on Pell Street in Scottsboro  256-218-0935, 256-575-9437

For Rent - Mobile home  256-218-0935, 256-575-9437

​For Giveaway - Pallets  256-599-5665

Want to Buy Items

Scrap metal items  256-599-6927

Mobile home door  256-608-0112