If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.

  Happy moments, praise God.

  Difficult moments, seek God.

  Quiet moments, worship God.

  Painful moments, trust God.

  ​Every moment, THANK GOD!

Partyline List for 12/11/2019


​​​​​​​For Sale Items

1981 Ford truck, Guitars, Knives, Saddle bags  256-302-5009

Christmas dishes  256-777-1975

Amp stand, Guitar cords, Guitar strings  256-587-6266

Cattle  256-242-4263

Weights, Cargo carriers  256-259-7563

Hens, Fig trees, Tractor, Fence charger, Troughs, Utility trailer


Utility trailer  256-599-8916

Toolbox, Rugs  256-899-3730

1998 Dodge van  256-999-0639

Utility trailer, Christmas trees, Bikes  256-599-0147

Want to Buy Items

Scrap metal items  256-599-6927

Chrome wheels for a truck (6-lug)  256-424-2768