Partyline List for 10/16/2019


​​​​​​​For Sale Items

Table and chairs  256-457-1876

Golf cart tires, Anvil, Antique pictures and signs, Knives, Guns  


Baby items, chainsaw, mower, shotgun, 1987 Dodge  256-599-0147

Pistol, Shotgun, Tires, Bow  256-587-3060

Leaf catcher  256-259-4644

BBQ Grill, Microwave, Mower, Home interior pictures  256-244-0317

Pet carrier, Amp stand, Guitar case  256-587-6266

Rifle, Wheels  256-608-0112

Tree stand, Couch, Bow, Guitar  256-608-9304

Seed sower, Kerosene heater  256-574-4270

1999 Ford truck, Motorcycle jacket, 1996 Silverado, 1960 Ford panel truck, House  256-244-0937

Furnace, Flooring, Cattle trailer, Air compressor  256-259-4599

​For Rent - House at Hollywood  256-990-9059

Want to Buy Items

Scrap metal items  256-599-6927 

Solar fence charger  256-599-5940

Wood splitter  256-244-6802

14 inch tires, Tree stand  256-608-0112

Tractor tire  256-608-9304

  If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.

  Happy moments, praise God.

  Difficult moments, seek God.

  Quiet moments, worship God.

  Painful moments, trust God.

  ​Every moment, THANK GOD!