Partyline List for 11/23/2022


​​​​​​​For Sale Items

Utility trailer, Jet ski's, Mower, Wood splitter, Mobile home, Backhoe


2007 Ford truck  256-244-3655

Heater, CB Radio  256-574-4134

Shelled pecans  256-259-5241

Exterior door  256-242-4263

Sway bar, Blower, Saw, Tools, Air compressor, Cattle  256-628-2731

Stove  256-628-1725

Doll house, Comforters, Rugs, Bike  256-609-9842

Twin bed, Gun  256-805-0090

Chainsaw, Guns, Spreader, Brush cutter, Utility trailer, Wheels


Shotgun  256-244-1771

Kennel, Doghouse  256-599-0807

Wagon, Baby items, Heater, Utility trailer  256-599-0147

​TV's  256-647-5056


Vinyl fencing pieces  256-599-2130

Alternator  256-548-2578

Unshelled pecans  256-609-0915

10-by-10 kennel  256-609-1819

Utility trailer  256-805-0090

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  Quiet moments, worship God.

  Painful moments, trust God.

  ​Every moment, THANK GOD!